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原创鼓手简介第二篇——Dave Weckl

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For more than 20 years, Dave Weckl has developed and maintained a reputation among fans, peers, and the international music community as one of the great living drummers. For this, he has received numerous accolades and honors; Modern Drummer inducted Dave into their Hall of Fame and named him "one of the 25 best drummers of all time."
But these honors, in addition to many more bestowed by the music community, are the product of Dave's undying commitment to making great compositions. Dave's incredibly dynamic and diverse drumming, which has inspired musicians worldwide, is built on a solid foundation of knowledge and respect for music.
Born in St. Louis Missouri, January 8th, 1960, to a mother who loved music and a father who played the piano as a hobby, Dave started playing drums around the age of 8.
During his high school years, Dave received many awards from the NAJE (National Association of Jazz Educators) for outstanding performances in his high school's competition-winning jazz band. He was involved with numerous local groups from a very young age while studying with St. Louis-area teachers Bob Matheny and Joe Buerger.
At age 16, Dave began to work professionally with local pop and jazz groups. In 1979, he moved to the East coast to study music at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. At just 19 years of age, Dave was getting recognized.
While playing the club scene in New York City with a band called Nite Sprite, Dave started to receive accolades from established studio musicians such as Steve Kahn, Michael Brecker, and especially drumming great Peter Erskine. It was Peter who recommended Dave for his first 'big gig' in town with a group called French Toast, forerunner to the Michel Camilo band, which has been recorded quite extensively over the years.
From this group, legendary bassist Anthony Jackson recommended Dave for the prestigious Simon and Garfunkel reunion tour in 1983. After this tour, it was not long before Dave was regularly being called for radio and TV jingles, sound track sessions, and top recording dates with such artists as George Benson, Peabo Bryson, Diana Ross, and Robert Plant, to name a few.
In 1985, Michael Brecker suggested to Chick Corea that he look into Dave's services for his new Elektric Band. That was the beginning of a seven year relationship with both the Elektric and Akoustic Bands, where nine recordings and three videos were produced, including a Grammy for the first Akoustic Band release.
The Elektric Band showcased Dave's cutting-edge drumming and innovative use of electronic and acoustic drums, bringing him world-wide recognition. Though the Elektric Band went on a 10-year hiatus in the early '90s, the band is once again touring from time to time. It also released a 17-part conceptual album entitled "To The Stars" in mid-2004.
As a solo artist, Dave has recorded and produced nine recordings to date, including GRP/MCA solo releases Masterplan, Heads Up, and Hardwired. In 1998, Dave realized his long-time goal of forming a world-touring band. To date, the Dave Weckl Band has released five studio records, including: Rhythm Of The Soul, Synergy, Transition, Perpetual Motion, and Multiplicity. The band also released its hot live album, LIVE (and very plugged in) and a compilation of DWB and instructional videos entitled The Zone.
The Dave Weckl Band keeps Dave very busy, but he still enjoys sideman work. Dave regularly joins guitarist Mike Stern, among others. When off the road, Dave keeps busy with session and production work at his home studio in Los Angeles. He also accepts a limited number of private students - and offers classes through the Virtual Drummer School. Additionally, Dave has many instructional video/DVDs and play-along packages on the market (see the "instructional" dropdown menu at the top of the page).
A constant student of the art of drumming and music, Dave gives back every chance he gets through clinics and classes all over the world. Of teaching, Dave says:
"It is my goal to inspire as many young (and not-so-young) people as possible to want to play music, whether it be on drums or another instrument. With all the negatives in the world today, I feel this is my way of contributing a positive action toward spiritual happiness, which music can be a big part of, if you let it. So parents, if your child has a talent for music, please allow them the opportunity to develop that talent!"
But beyond all the recording, producing, touring, teaching, working with companies he endorses to build better products, and tearing up the highway every now and then, Dave's passion is spending quality time with his daughter, Claire, Sophia (his Golden Retriever), and friends.
This is what all the hard work is for - the inspiration to keep doing it - and that perspective is probably Dave's biggest asset.


  在过去的20多年中,Dave Weckl 作为一个在世的伟大鼓手 一直拥有持续的 不断提高的盛誉,无论是在乐迷中,同行中,或者国际音乐团体中!理所当然的,他获得了非常多的荣誉和奖项;Modern Drummer(“当代鼓手” 专业鼓手杂志)正式将他加入鼓手名人堂的行列,并授予了“史上25位最优秀鼓手之一”的荣誉称号(全世界,有史以来。。。多么的NB~!)

也正是这些荣誉——除了专业音乐协会授予的以外——成为了Dave 永恒的伟大创作的动力和源泉(意思是想感谢乐迷的支持吧?) Dave 作为全星球范围内最具创造力的音乐家,他的难以置信的活力和变幻莫测的鼓风,已经建立了另音乐界钦佩的基本知识原理。
出生于,路易斯大街(是这名吗?) 密苏里州 ,一月8日,1960 年,受到家中热爱音乐的母亲,和钢琴业余爱好者的父亲的影响,Dave 在8岁那年开始打鼓。

在他高中生活期间,Dave 就获得了很多的由 NAJE (团体名称,全称National Association of Jazz Educators 翻译成“国家爵士乐教育协会” 当然指美国)颁发的奖项,这些奖项是表彰他在高中参加爵士乐团比赛中杰出的演奏而来。他在非常小的年纪就参与了当地的许多的团体,这期间他从师于 路易斯社区大街 的 两位老师 Bob Matheny  和 Joe Buerger (这俩人查不到资料,欢迎知道的朋友补充)
16岁时,Dave 开始为地区内专业的流行和爵士乐团工作。1979年,他来到了西海岸学习音乐,那所学校是 康涅狄格州 的 布里奇波特  大学。19岁的时候就大学毕业了!
在纽约城 和名叫 Nite Sprite(午夜精灵)的乐队 在酒吧做现场演出 的时期,Dave 开始受到来自于 专业录音棚的音乐家的赞誉,例如,Steve Kahn, Michael Brecker (人名,不再深究),特别是伟大的鼓手 Peter Erskine (大师,这个以后介绍,不能不认识!)。正是Peter 推荐了 Dave 在城里举行的第一场大型的演奏会 和French Toast(法国吐司?)乐队一起演出,这个乐队是Michel Camilo 乐队的先驱,多年来录制了非常广泛的专辑。
在这乐团里,有位名扬四海的BASS演奏家名叫 Anthony Jackson ,他将Dave 推荐给了 很有声望的 Simon (西蒙?哪个西蒙?应该是唱歌的那个吧?欢迎补充!)和 Garfunkel 的重聚巡演 在 1983 年 。这次巡演结束后,Dave不久便定期应邀参加电台,电视台的节目录制,sound track sessions (季度播出的音乐节目吧?),并且参与了多为顶级艺术家的录音档期,例如 George Benson, Peabo Bryson, Diana Ross, 和 Robert Plant ,而这些人名只是冰山一角!(又一次感叹,多么的NB~!)

1985年,Michael Brecker 向 Chick Corea 推荐了Dave , Chick Corea 开始寻找Dave 为他的新乐队——Elektric——做演出。这是 Elektric 和 Akoustic Bands (乐队名)两支乐队长达七年之久关系的开端,录制了九张专辑,三张视频专辑,其中还包括了一张 Akoustic Bands 首发的格莱美奖专辑。
Elektric 乐队展示了 Dave 顶尖的鼓风,并且利用了革新的电子和原声鼓,给他带来了国际性的认可。虽然 Elektric 乐队 在1990年代早期 间断了持续10年之久,乐队偶尔的再次进行巡演。并且发售了一张 分为17部分的 概念唱片 名叫“ To The Stars ”,在2004年中期。

作为一名独奏艺术家,Dave 迄今为止 录制并发行了 9张专辑,其中包括 GRP/MCA ,独奏专辑 Masterplan (这张很有名), Heads Up ,还有 Hardwired 。1998年间,Dave 实现了他的长远目标——组建世界巡演级别的乐队。目前,Dave Weckl Band (Dave的乐队)已经录制发行了5张音频专辑,其中包括:Rhythm Of The Soul,Synergy,Transition, Perpetual Motion, 以及 Multiplicity 。乐队也发行了他们很受热捧的现场专辑,为DWB (WB应该是华纳兄弟吧)录制编辑了现场教学录影带 名字叫“The Zone”(这句有高手再修正一下吧)。
Dave Weckl Band 使得Dave 一直都非常的忙碌,但是他始终享受着伴奏者的乐趣。Dave 还定期参加吉他艺术家 Mike Stern (麦克.斯特恩 吉他大师)的演出活动,除了别的以外。当道路关闭的时候(应该是说下班后)Dave 继续忙碌于排练和录音工作,在他位于洛杉矶的家庭录音棚室中。他也接收少数的私人学生,并且授课于 Virtual Drummer School(一所鼓手学校的名称),加之Dave还有很多的教学录音录影带 和 独奏练习曲集在超市发售。
Dave 使得全世界范围内,忠实于鼓艺术和音乐艺术的学生,都有机会得到他的讲座和授课。关于教学,Dave如是说:
但除了在 录音,制作,巡演,教学方面的工作,他也参与给乐器公司提供改进产品的建议工作,并且为了工作不时的忙碌穿梭于高速公路上。Dave 倾注了宝贵的时间和热情,在他的女儿,Claire(克莱尔,他女儿名字) , Sophia (索菲亚,他的金毛犬),以及他的朋友们。

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两首曲子,一个是DAVE WECKL BAND 的 Rhythm of the Soul 唱片中的 Designer Stubble

另一首是和 Chick Corea 的 Elektric 乐队合作的 Chicken
附件分卷限制太小,分出来有九十多个卷。。。我放弃了- -!~需要的朋友留邮箱吧!!
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